Master information design at Design Academy Eindhoven

2019 The map tile : masters thesis project : exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2019

2019 The map tile : masters thesis website : online thesis readable in map form

2018 Pollution in the Netherlands : a map of twelve types of pollution in the Netherlands

2018 Information sign on white paper : booklet about photojournalism and algorithmic photo analysis

2018 The credibility of credibility : an investigation into conspiracies and fake news through ufo’s

2018 The microphone mask : diy platform for a microphone equivalent for the web-cam sticker

2018 Colors magazine : a poster design for a lecture by the directors of Colors Magazine

2018 Story versus storage : a study on visual objectivity through pixel sorting

2018 Discriptional infographs : a workshop with Irma Földényi

    Bachelor graphic design at Willem de Kooning Academy

2017 Environmental feedback : bachelors thesis : using environmental data to create profiles of spaces

2017 Electional data : a design for election results for Algemeen Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper

2017 Micro macro : linear storytelling from a non-linear dataset

2017 Processing : an exploration of coding as design methodology

2017 Exo selfie : a short movie about the online culture and mobile phone usage

2015 Wealth inequality : design for a short movie about wealth inequality for VARA

2015 Designers enqyclopedia : collaborative project to create an encyclopedia about designers

2015 Huig : booklet design for Academie voor Bouwkunst at Rotterdam

2015 Kruiskade expo : academy award winning movie about objects in the Kruiskade Rotterdam

2015 Nuclear fall-out : map showing nuclear fall-out in event of a disaster

2014 Man is the measure of all things : design for Rotterdam Rooftop Days by analyzing staircases

2014 Mars clock : minor branding : a design for a clock displaying martian time

2013 De pottenlikker : minor product design : creating a spoon

2013 Revamp : platform design for sending messages through music by converting text to tones

2013 North Sea Jazz poster : poster design for North Sea Jazz Festival

2013 Expanded compass : minor branding : design for IKEA marketing

    Internship at studio Barite (projects in collaboration with and commissioned by Hans Pols)

2016 The Hague international jazz days : Logo and corporate identity for a multi-day jazz event

2016 North Sea Jazz : logo and website preparations

2016 : logo design and corporate identity

2016 : website design

2016 New Compiance : logo design for medical information system start-up company

2016 Wetenschappelijke Raad voor Regeringsbeleid : generative design for publication covers

    Graphic design at Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam

2013 Anti social media festival : corporate identity design for a fictive festival

2012 Zomer festival flyer : flyer design for Zomer festival Rotterdam

2011 Naturalis logo re-design : new identity for Naturalis

2012 Bewust sociaal poster design : poster design for fictive political party

    Internship at DM Creatieve Communicatie

2012 Sociëteit Vereeniging invitation : design for an invitation

2012 Rotary Ryla : website, logo and certificate for medical business opportunities

2012 DM Creatieve Communicatie : e-mail and advertisement design

2012 Ondernemen en Groei : folder and news-letter design

2012 Rood-Wit : multiple designs for hockey-club Rood-Wit

    Internship at Elburg Botanic Media

2012 Etiket design for plant pots : multiple designs for printed etikets used in plant pots

2012 Planting instructions : illustrations for how to plant seeds for placing on packaging

2012 Flower bulb packaging : different iterations of packaging design for flower bulbs

2012 Flower advertisements : flyer and advertisement design for new planting season

2012 : visual language and design for sport club accessories.

2012 Museum de Zwarte Tulp : design for invitation of an event in Museum de Zwarte Tulp